Market-Garden tour of former landing zones and battlefields (intro)

Thank you for the interest you have shown in the Market-Garden Battlefield Tour.

The battlefield tour, Ex HELL’S HIGHWAY, aims to examine Operation Market-Garden. Op Market Garden was the attempt by the Anglo-US First Airborne Army to seize the crossings over the Maas, Waal and Rhine rivers in Holland in September 1944. The British XXX Corps would then drive up the corridor linking the airborne forces with the aim of securing a bridgehead over the Rhine at Arnhem.

The tour itself will follow a route starting at Grave and moving onto Arnhem. It needs to be remembered that the actual offensive started nearly forty miles south of Grave and involved much bitter fighting there. Time limitations have led me to concentrate on the actions just south of Nijmegen and in the ‘Island’ that stretches between the Waal and Neder Rhine rivers; to do otherwise would have turned the tour into a coach trip. Instead we will look at a series of stands each aiming to highlight a different aspect of the operation. The Battlefield tour includes 38 pictures and sizes 1.6 MB, so downloading will take some time. The tour passes along: Grave, Overasselt, Heumen, Mook, Groesbeek, Nijmegen. Lent, Oosterhout, Elst, Driel, Arnhem and Oosterbeek.

The Plunge into Holland

The Plunge into Holland

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